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Who are we?

A laboratory for testing in climatic environments. Our expertise allows us to study the specific needs in order to determine the appropriate protocol.

Created in 2006 in Magny-en-Vexin on more than 1200 m², the purpose of the Environmental Testing Laboratory (L2EC) is to assist you in developing and certifying your environmental and mechanical products. Our expertise allows us to study the specific needs in order to determine the appropriate protocol. 

Just after its creation, L2EC obtained the Cofrac ISO 17025 accreditation, which recognises technical competence and guarantees true expertise (list of locations and scope available at www.cofrac.fr).

The laboratory thus began providing its services to the major stakeholders in the industrial world, including the automotive, aerospace, military and consumer industries.
We work with large clients in the aerospace, automotive, military, and general public sectors, attesting to our technical skills and our commitment to our industry’s key values:

Quality assurance
Compliance with standards
Cost optimisation
Compliance with schedules

Our chambers


We have more than 50 environmental chambers for generating stress in low and high temperatures, rapid temperature changes and moist heat.

Salt spray

For optimised and comprehensive testing, in addition to standard stresses, some equipment must be subjected to corrosive environments, which is often done using salt spray tests.

Vibration and mechanicals

To provide comprehensive services to industrial clients, the L2EC laboratory offers testing in mechanical environments.

IP rating

The L2EC laboratory can perform many degrees of IP ratings according to EN standards and NF EN IK standards. The degrees correspond to the classifications of products subjected to comprehensive tests.

Additional tests

The laboratory can suggest changes and adaptations to environmental test beds to create customised tests.

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